HHBS is a wonderful charity that really helps people in need. You know this because you see exactly where all of your donations are going. Run by one of the most energetic and positive people I know, you can’t help but be a part of HHBS.
— Kate Casper

… HHBS stays true to its mission and I am so proud to be part of it.
— Robnielle Desir

Seeing what we would describe as ” the virgin smile enveloping the faces of the children of HHBS” motivate us to solidify the existence of this non-profit entity.
— William & Jessy Juste

… In a country where there is so much despair and unmet needs, HHBS has been a consistent deliverer of hope and met expectations and promises embodied by the commitment of HHBS’ leader and founder Francoise (Fran) Juste…
— Alexandra Azor

…I left Haiti at the age of 14. Although I’ve gone back a couple of times since then, I never took the time to see or understand the “real” Haiti. Thankfully, after the devastating Hurricanes of 2009, my childhood friend, Fran became involved in the outreach efforts to rebuilt Haiti. Hearing the passion in her voice whenever we discuss Haiti got me to visit HHBS website. The task of rebuilding Haiti appears to be colossal. However, HHBS is doing it… a child at a time, by providing education, one hot healthy meal per day, a dedicated and caring staff, and a fearless President. So why not be part of such an important movement, I ask myself? Government can’t change everything. Non-Profit organizations like HHBS have successfully provided assistance to many US communities. So why not replicate this in Haiti? Selfishly, I am honored to be part of a “grass root” organization which came in existence to accomplish the very thing I felt was overwhelming.
— Rachelle Desir Asante

When I see the faces of the children during the distributions my eyes are filled with tears. We take so much for granted and don’t realize how just a “pencil” can put a huge smile on these childrens’ faces. It motivates me to see and experience what HHBS has been doing all these years. This non-for-profit actually goes themselves and distribute to the children in Haiti: so priceless. It means a lot to HHBS but even more to the children in Haiti knowing that somebody actually cares. I am so happy to be part of such a great team.
— Michaele Juste

…I was so honored to be part of the hand to hand distribution where we fed over 150 kids in the school in Croix Des Bouquets. This was such a wonderful experience…
— Rosemary Ventura, RN