We are currently in the process of creating a solid Board of Directors to ensure that HHBS has adequate financial resources to carry out its mission. Since inception (10 years ago), our Founder Fran Juste has been carrying the entire organization on her own.  Now it's time to expand and give others the opportunity to partake in something that is so much bigger. 

The HHBS board of directors is responsible for the strategic management, direction and vision of HHBS.  Board members will operate by following the HHBS bylaws, our set of rules that governs how HHBS will pursue its mission, vision  and activities.

Board Member Responsibilities

• Attend all Board meetings

• Introduce HHBS to your social and professional network

  • Ask network to follow HHBS social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter); goal of 20 followers every quarter

  • Ask network to sign up for the HHBS quarterly newsletter; goal of 10 subscriptions every quarter

  • Ask network to become an HHBS Ray of Sunshine; goal of three enrollments every quarter

  • Invite your network to the HHBS Annual Fundraiser; goal of five attendees

• Host one fundraising event per calendar year

  • This would be an event you plan and host with your network.  This could be in in-room or venue based event but would not use any HHBS dollars to host

  • Goal of this event is to raise community awareness, encourage your network to be become Rays of Sunshine. The goal is  and raise $1000 during the annual fundraiser event

• Participate in the Annual HHBS Fundraiser

  • Invite your network to attend

  • Complete event related tasks as delegated (could include preparing venue, creating agenda or promotional material, speaking at the event, etc.)

  • Secure minimum of two items/experiences for silent auction with minimum value of $100

• Participate in the creating Marketing Content

  • Including stories and pictures of HHBS events, Haiti news, Haiti tourism, educational material, news about donors or other relevant material to be used in social media posts, website and newsletter.

Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours a month

One of the primary responsibilities of the board is to ensure that the organization has adequate financial resources to carry out its mission. Many organizations have a fundraising policy for board members. These policies typically request board members to contribute personally. Commonly, these policies also stipulate that all board members participate in the organization’s fundraising effort in some fashion. Connections and introductions to donors, participation in fundraising events, personal notes on solicitation and thank-you letters, and direct solicitations are just a few of the ways in which board members can make a difference in terms of fundraising success. The amount of involvement in fundraising varies greatly by organization, but prior to serving on a board, make sure that you will be comfortable making a personal contribution and asking others to contribute to the organization.