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Mission 2016 - TBD

We always welcome volunteers for pre, during and post mission activities. We are also looking for the following health care professionals to assist us with the health care needs: 
• Dentists
• Nurses
• Ophtholmologists.


If you are interested in participating in HHBS 2016 Mission trip, please email:

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we touch.  We continue to live by our approach of hand to hand distribution. Somethings as small as a pencil or a pen, sandals, blood pressure screening, toothpaste, toothbrush will bring smiles to their faces!!!

The students, parents and teachers will be eternally grateful.

Helping Hands need YOUR Helping Hands TODAY!

Remember, your donation is Tax deductible. Thank you and may GOD bless you!

2015 Mission Trip

Four HHBS ambassadors returned from Haiti to support HHBS Mission 2015. 

"It was just a life changing experience! says one of the ambassadors. 

Thank you to ICare Haiti, LLC who collaborated with HHBS and donated uncooked rice, beans, spices and oil enough to feed over 200 families. Thank you to It’s From The Sole and Kevyn Zeller Pilates Studio who together donated over 200 pairs of sneakers to distribute Hand To Hand to teachers, students and parents. Thank you to the Father’s Wish Foundation for their wonderful support. Finally, a huge thank you to all of our donors, without your support it would have been impossible for this mission trip to be so successful. HHBS team Haiti, Evens and Jn Gardy, you rock!!!

2015 Mission Trip - Update

HHBS ambassadors are getting ready for Mission 2015. Boxes of clothes, shoes, toiletries, health care items were shipped and are already in Haiti. We will be arriving on July 1st to Port Au Prince.  The Ambassadors will then triage the items and prepare 200 kits to distribute to all students and teachers. Everyone is getting excited for Mission 2015. A big thank you to St. Peters Church in the Bronx and It's From The Sole for their big donations of clothes and sneakers.  


We will make sure post pictures of these items being donated from Hand To Hand.

2015 Collaboration
helping hands bring sunshine SCHOOL

HHBS is collaborating with other not-for-profits in the upcoming 2015 Mission Trip.  A team of over 10 Ambassadors will be traveling to PAP Haiti to assist Ecole Scolaire de la Primitive (ESP).  

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming 2015 Mission...

2013 Mission, Croix Des Bouquets

On May 17th, 2013 a group of  seven (7) HHBS ambassadors had the opportunity to participate in the HHBS- 2013 mission to Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti. To date, this represents the largest mission executed by our organization over the past 5 years. We are excited to share the highlights of our accomplishments with everyone who supported us and made it possible.